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Today is my birthday, and I began it by running in the rain… it wasn’t how I was planning to begin my birthday, but that’s what happened. You see, I decided that I didn’t really need anything for my birthday, so I came up with a few things I would like to do instead. One of these things was to start the day/year exercising. I have really done that in years, decades probably, so I decided weeks ago that on my birthday I would get up and start the day with a run. I promised myself. When I woke up this morning, it was raining…and it is supposed to rain all day, and all week. I thought about waiting for the rain to stop…knowing that it probably wouldn’t. I thought about waiting for another, less rainy day. I thought about trying to find the key to the neighborhood gym…and then I thought about the fact that it wasn’t really raining that hard. In fact, the air was nice and cool, and it was more of a “drizzle” than a rain. So I went for it. I ran in the rain. And it felt fantastic. I don’t know if it was the fact that I kind of had my own “cool mister” following me around, or if it was the pride that I didn’t talk myself out of something (which would have been easy to do).

While I was running (ok, I was really just jogging…but I have to start somewhere) I was thinking about how easy it is see the bad, to see the things that keep us from living, to see all of the raindrops and go back inside. And yet, if you look at the beauty instead, you see the cool air, the trees and flowers stretching up, and the huge open sky in a lovely shade of grey-blue. While I don’t suggest jogging in a lighting storm, this morning certainly gave me a new perspective on what can happen when you see something through instead of going back inside and making excuses.

I came home from my run ready to tackle the next year, and all of the dreams and promises I have made to myself. I decided to come up with a little download to share here that you can print out and frame, or use as desktop or phone wallpaper. It’s the kind of reminder I need from time to time. Life is Beautiful, Live it in Awe.

I hope you will enjoy and share this free Life is Beautiful Art Print Download and I hope it makes you smile through the raindrops!



11 thoughts on “Life is Beautiful Art Print”

  1. Beautiful Kori. I did something similar yesterday, although it was a warm, sunny day that wasn’t too hot. I got my bike and rode down to the lake, which is actually fairly close. It was exhilarating to be there with the geese, ducks and the sailboats. promised myself I would do that once a week and just remember what life if all about. Love you.

  2. Kori, Love this! And, so did my daughter! Just printed it out to hang on the gallery wall in her room. Will send you a pic of the wall when it’s all complete. Thank you so much for sharing your gorgeous talent!! Best, Deanna

  3. Anita Montgomery

    Just beautiful, both your blog and the picture! May God bless you with the most awesome year yet, keep running, rain or otherwise!

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