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Some days I just get so excited that I am able to make art my career, that I just create, create, create, and totally forget to blog! I do love to blog when I can, but I am so fortunate to have contracts with wonderful companies creating designs, that I have to keep my priorities in line to keep my life in balance. I remember last year at Blog Fete, when my sweet new friend Lauren from ELD Blog talked about the difference in “blogging AS a business” and “blogging FOR a Business”. I had always felt that I should be blogging on a more regular basis, and that I should increase the priority of blogging in my life…but when she put it that way, I really understood that for me, blogging is for my business… it’s a way to share what’s going on in my life, with my work, with my designs, and hopefully provide some inspiration to others…and that is OKAY! As much as I love to blog, it isn’t my business, creating art is. If you are sitting there thinking that you have to “do it all” or thinking that others somehow manage to “do it all”, you are simply wrong. You have to focus on your individual priorities and then, DO THAT! I have also learned the hard way that you have to let go when things fall through the cracks, because it happens to us all!


Seeing as how this blog is “for my business”, I look back and see that I haven’t had the chance to share all of the work I have done. Sometimes, I can’t share based on client requests, and sometimes I just run out of time at the end of the day and let it go….but there is good news. SOMETIMES, I remember much later and I am able to come back and share it with you!! I mentioned in this post last year that I had partnered with PaperStyle to create a line of cards. Since then, I have loaded 177 designs onto the PaperStyle Site and only mentioned it once in my blog…sigh {I shake my head in embarrassment)…but the truth is that I focused my energy on all of those designs and made that a priority many times over the last year! Well guess what, I like to think it’s never too late, so today I am sharing the designs of 4 cute Fall Cards On PaperStyle! If you are looking for a cute card to send to friends and family and celebrate the season, take a peek at all of the designs available on PaperStyle, and I promise to be back and share Holiday cards with you soon!

FallYallFallCard OwlFallCard ThankfulFallCard


Happy Wednesday Friends!! Take it easy on yourself today, focus on your priorities, and let the rest go!


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