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What an amazing weekend it was around here! Friday morning I drove over to Orlando for the Blog Fete conference. It’s my second year being a part of it and it just keeps getting more fantastic!

One of my favorite things about Blog Fete is the size of it. I love that it’s an intimate group so that I have the opportunity to meet everyone! Even with the small size, I could have taken another 2 days to really talk in depth to so many of the ladies there….of course, those of you who know how I love to talk can understand that I would feel the same way with a group of five!

The Meet & Greet on Friday night was a breath of fresh air and the sponsors were so incredibly kind with all of the fun they provided. I loved the craft table that my friend Dina from Deliciously Darling had available so we could make our own hammered metal necklaces, the table for Mindy Cone’s new book, Macarons…and the cute Mindy Cone there to sign it, the table from my friend Jess at Everyday Party which was loaded with amazing treats donated by some fantastic vendors, and the glamourous beauty bar table provided by Moodylicious Skin Care and Oh Goodie Designs. I also loved seeing so many beautiful friends in one place! We usually all keep up with each other online, so having the chance to get together in person was amazing.

On Saturday was the conference and the sessions were full of inspiration! I honestly couldn’t wait to jump back into work today, renewed and refreshed! My session was second in the day, and I had the honor of speaking to the fantastic group about work-life balance. The best part of the day for me, was having so many people share their personal stories with me after my session! I know how important balance is, but it made my year to think that one or two things I said may be able to impact someone else in a positive light! Isn’t that what it’s all about…being able to inspire and encourage one another? I will share more of Blog Fete, the fantastic sponsors, the  sessions, and my experience in a few weeks when I can get my hands on the awesome photos taken all weekend by Renee of Renee Nicole ! In the meantime, a huge thank you to all of the amazing sponsors, and women who were there this weekend and helped make the experience such an amazing one!


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  1. I thought the weekend was a wonderful time! I have sooo many ideas and can’t wait to get started. Now…if I only had more time. I’ll definitely have to balance it all better 🙂

  2. Glad you had a lovely time! So bummed I missed meeting you and some of the other ladies but I’m glad Blog Fete was a hit! Looking forward to all of the exciting ideas you have. 🙂

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