Merry & Bright Wishes


It’s Christmas Eve and we are preparing to celebrate the holiday with family, fill our hearts with joy, take time to just be together, and slow down for a short time. Last night my parent guilt set in as we have had such a busy time with building our house, preparing to move, and work projects…that I worried we hadn’t taken enough time to do our normal “Christmas” activities. I have had this adorable Merry & Bright Sweets table from the kids end of school celebration that I meant to share here over a week ago and haven’t had the chance (better late than never, right?) I saw friends on facebook and instagram making cookies that we haven’t gotten to make yet, decorating gingerbread houses that we haven’t had time to decorate, and a number of other activities. Yep, the guilt set in…then I starting making the kids hot chocolate, and my 6 year old proclaims “THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!! Hot Chocolate is so awesome! Thank you for making us Christmas Hot Chocolate!”….then my four year old adds “And thank you for my Mom, Dad, and Sister!” … Heart Melted. It isn’t about who makes the most cookies (though we do plan to bake some today for Santa!!), or who has completed every holiday activity on the to-do list, it isn’t about sending your Christmas Cards out on time (oops), it’s about being grateful for what we are given. It’s about giving thanks for those who love us, encourage us, believe in us, and brighten our day. It’s about celebrating and love. I plan to step away today and tomorrow and make time for the things that are truly Merry & Bright in our lives. Things like friends, family, and every one of you!! I appreciate you more than you know and the time you take to comment here on my blog, to email me, and to encourage me.  I hope you enjoy the Merry & Bright photos from our sweet small celebration filled with candy from Sweetworks and cookies from Flourish! Now I must address my late Christmas Cards and bake that batch of cookies, so I wish you all the Merriest and the Brightest Holiday Yet…and one filled with what really matters!! xoxo


{BEAUTIFUL COOKIES by Flourish Sweet Shop}


{Yummy Cookies in a bed of beautiful Pearl Candies from Sweetworks}




These beautiful Sixlets and Celebration Gumballs brightened the whole table!



And perhaps my favorite design from this sweet and simple celebration….a lot of polka dots…

May your Holiday be filled with Merry & Bright Wishes!

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