Who else gets absolutely giddy about a new year? Every. Single. Year. I get giddy just like a little kid on Christmas Eve… The sky is the limit!

Last night, I lay awake for two hours after I went to bed with my heart racing as I thought about the year to come and what I would like to do to prepare myself for the best possible year. I thought about what worked this past year and what didn’t.  I thought about the launch of the Kori Clark site and how exciting it was, and continues to be. I thought about how I took more “vacation” to spend quality time with family and friends. I thought about how I really reached inside this past year and rekindled my love for illustration and painting (which I hadn’t made much time for since my babies were born). I thought about how I plan to keep making time for family, friends, and things I love…and still continue to grow this business…who’s with me?

I also spent a lot of time thinking about what I wanted this company to do for others. I am sure like most of you, there are several things I hope my business can provide others…but one of those is time. One of the reasons I began the Kori Clark website was so that designers, photographers, crafters, bloggers, and creatives could spend time working on their business and not searching endlessly for graphics that stand apart…or spending a ton of time trying to design their own. I have been SO EXCITED about this sale, because I believe it can save you time and provide amazing designs for you to use at your disposal all throughout 2014 {and beyond}. This kind of sale is a first for my website (which launched in March).

It’s the STEAL THE SHOP sale!!! Every. Single. Graphic. in the Kori Clark shop is in a bundle starting at $99 dollars (and only $139 for commercial licensing!). Hundreds of graphics. Graphics and artwork you can use for summer parties, weddings,  birthdays, blog posts, invitations, art prints, logos, and so much more. The graphics shown in this post are just SOME what you will receive!! Go browse the shop and EVERYTHING YOU SEE (expect the watercolor art prints) will come to your computer for use anytime you wish!! The sale will run through New Years Day, then it’s gone!


CoralElementsSet(Mini)2 FiestaSet2 GoodMorning2 candybar2 anchorsaway2 Succulents2


AND… for some extra fun, I am giving away ONE STEAL THE SHOP BUNDLE! EEEK!!! The giveaway ends tomorrow (New Years Eve) at noon, to make sure those who don’t win have a chance to buy the bundle before time is up New Years Day (night)! To enter to win, you must share this post via on Social Media and tag me, then comment and let me know!

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This coming year seems to hold so much to be grateful for, and it’s not even here yet….I plan to share a lot more of the new home that my hubby has built and I have been designing in upcoming posts, as well as more freebies, party design ideas, and artwork… but I want to end this year with something really special and start 2014 the same way. Let’s make 2014 AMAZING!!!


25 thoughts on “STEAL THE SHOP sale”

  1. This would truly be a blessing to win being new to this industry a great way to build ones business and create some amazing parties. What a wonderful and most generous opportunity being given!

  2. Hi Kori,
    Best wishes in the new year. I am trying to build my massage therapy business this year! Gotta get business cards and advertise!

  3. 2013 was a year of challenges. At 22 I had my bowel removed to prevent the spread of bowel cancer. I have had to adapt to being reliant on others for help and support as I’m not allowed to do much until I have fully recovered. I haven’t been allowed to work because of my health and hope that 2014 sees a new me. I cannot wait to return to paid employment and start working on my 5 year goals. Within 5 years I want to be living in my own house no longer renting but I also want to find my calling in 2014. I want to lose all this weight that has stacked itself on over last few years because I’ve been sick. I really want 2014 to be the fresh start I deserve and be the start of the rest of my life

  4. Looking at being more focused and organised this year. Setting goals and trying to achieve those to expand my little at home sewing business as much as I can handle.

    Looking forward to the new year and all the ideas I have in my head being created.

  5. I hope to be better organized in 2014. Sometime in the last few years while I’ve been sick I’ve fallen off the horse. Now that I’m doing better, I’m telling myself no excuses!!! Thanks so much for this wonderful giveaway!

  6. For 2014 I plan to get more organized and plan on executing a dozen or so of things extremely well instead of trying to do way too many things and getting overwhelmed. Hopefully this will work! LOVE all of your graphics

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