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Happy Monday, Y’all!!  I have some super fun news to share today and it has something to do with that little link over to the side <= ! A couple of months ago, I was contacted by a wonderful member of the Zazzle team. She invited me to send over a handful of designs to see how they could productize them and set up a Zazzle shop for me. I asked for a few samples of my designs productized… as I haven’t ordered from them in the past, and I wanted to make 100% sure that I could physically see my work made into various products and that I loved it before I offered it to anyone else!

Well, the samples started coming in and I was so happy! Every item I received displayed my work beautifully and was well crafted. As a matter of fact, I was so excited and pleased…that I jumped back over and started adding more items and designs!! With the addition of the dachshund to our family, I couldn’t resist adding a few doxie designs to the mix! I hand drew each one and made them into a pattern…which is now on my phone (SHOP HERE)

doxie dash case


Oh… and I may have the doxies on my coffee mug (SHOP HERE) too…


Long hair, short hair, wire hair… I love them all!

No really, I love them …

Doxie Dash Zazzle


BUT…. My new Zazzle shop isn’t JUST about Dachshund designs, I also have some of my favorite illustrated patterns and I am adding watercolor designs too!

Floral Fiesta Case

I love the bright colors and detail pattern on the Fiesta Floral Phone Case…the design was inspired by the beautiful hand stitching on dresses from Mexico. {SHOP ALL FLORAL DESIGNS HERE}

And of course… I had to add Anchors! Obviously! {SHOP ALL ANCHOR DESIGNS HERE}

Anchor Coffee

Head over to the shop and check out all of the designs, patterns, and items I have available and please share away with anyone you think would like some of these brand new products!


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