Zazzle Fabric! (and Pip The Doxie)

Y’all, can I first say that I have so many posts backed up that need shared? I promise I have lots of fun things in the pipe line from free printables for your home, to wallpaper for your tech, to more designer sketchbook posts… it’s been far too long. Second, if I am making a post comeback, you should totally expect a pup to be involved! ZazzleFabric1B A few weeks ago I received an email from my friends at Zazzle (If you didn’t already know that I loved them, see HERE), about their new offering…. custom fabric!! Now, I must tell you that I don’t sew… I wish I did, and maybe one day I will, but I don’t. That said, I DO LOVE creating fun patterns and I love custom things… which means I usually just need a friend who can sew for me! I knew right away that I wanted to create a dachshund fabric (are you really surprised?), but wasn’t sure how it would work. I hoped on Zazzle and click “Custom Fabric” under “Shop”. I uploaded the art file of my doxie, then much to my delight, it showed up in the sample pictures as a pattern from different angles, so I could see how it looked over all! You can choose a basic square pattern, a half brick pattern, or what I choose to design mine… the half drop (which I think makes it look more custom!). I didn’t even have to open my design program to create a pattern!! Once you like how it looks, you can choose from a selection of fabrics from cotton to linen. In an effort to not be TOO much of a crazy dog lady, I only did a yard of the cotton to make a throw pillow or two and a few samples to see what the other fabrics were like! ZazzleFabric5B

These are the linen (natural and ivory)

All three (the yard and the samples) were nice and thick fabric. Again, I don’t sew, but comparing to what I have gotten on random craft runs I was impressed. So was my dachshund, Pip … obviously… ZazzleFabric4B

Can’t you see how impressed he is with his new pillow?

So just a little heads up for my friends who love making things custom… You are welcome! If you love the doxie fabric, I did go ahead and add it to my Zazzle Store as well CLICK HERE.  Disclaimer : I was not paid to share this info with you, however, Zazzle did send me fabric samples to check out and share if I loved them! Happy Thursday, Friends!

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