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Hey Friends!!

Can you even believe that mother’s day is upon us already? In a little over a week, we get to celebrate our favorite ladies… the ones who raise us up so high that we can’t possibly fall, the one’s who love us unconditionally, the ones who   stand behind us no matter how cruddy we may act through our teen years (sorry mom!). We celebrate the moms who are our friends and talk us through our inevitable mom guilt when we aren’t perfect, the ones we sit with while our kids play baseball or have piano recitals, the ones we call when we need some advice. We celebrate granny’s who step in when we need a back scratch, who’s patience and nurturing taught us how good waiting for the right thing could be. Most of all, we celebrate all of the amazing women out there who have selflessly put others ahead of themselves… women who took it upon themselves to make sure that the babies in their care would have everything they needed to grow into good, hard working, loving people…women who lay awake at night hoping that they are doing it all right when we can all see that they are. These are moms… our mother’s, our friends, our aunts, our granny’s, our friends mom’s… they all deserve to be celebrated!

What I want most on Mother’s Day this year is to spend the day with my family, fully engaged in every moment, not missing a beat. =) Of course, a few little gifts would be pretty nice too! I think Mother’s Day is a holiday that screams personal gifts, so Zazzle kind of has you covered!

Y’all should know by now that I have soft spot for anything Dachshund, so I wanted to show you a few of my personal favorite’s from Zazzle.



Of course I already have the Dachshund pattern mug and phone case, but if I didn’t you better believe they would be on my wish list!



If the momma you are celebrating is a doxie lover… promise she will like these! And if not? Yep, there is a whole section of MOTHER’s DAY gifts here you can browse!


Is mom crafty? How about creating a custom fabric for her like the doxie one I made above (In the post HERE) ….there may be a theme here…

Or how about a photo gift? Zazzle has a HUGE selection of photo gifts you can make for mom! Jewelry, phone cases, notebooks, coffee mugs, throw blankets, compact mirrors… you name it! Head over HERE to see the photo items!

My sweet friends at Zazzle also offered me a $50 gift credit to give away here on the blog!! YAY! I am running the giveaway fast so you can get an order in quickly! =) The giveaway will end Monday, April 4th at midnight!


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6 thoughts on “Mother’s Day Gift Ideas from Zazzle”

  1. I would love to have a nice lunch out with my family and a relaxing afternoon at home. It would definitely have to end with some coffee ice cream!

  2. I would love to spend my day with my beautiful twin daughters just hanging out and maybe going for a lovely dinner. But, the only essentials are my baby girls (16 yr old babies, lol!).
    Thanks for this wonderful giveaway and might I add your pup is absolutely adorable! I had a doxie I named Bobo when I was two! I loved him dearly. 🙂

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