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So, if you follow me over on Instagram, you will see that I am anxiously awaiting the iPhone 6, as my I received the blue screen of death on my current phone this week! I have had my poor old phone for years and it has been so well loved, and then… the day that the iPhone 6 is announced, it slipped from my fingers only a few inches from the floor and turned blue. I thought for sure I could get it back on, but no. You can bet that I was waiting for the pre-sale on the iPhone 6 and got my order in.  And obviously, if I need a new phone, I need a new phone CASE, so back over to Zazzle I go! I created a few new iPhone 6 Cases with Dachshund illustrations (and I plan to add a few more this week). As much as I love the sleek pretty cases, I plan to go for the thick Arnold Schwarzenegger case so I don’t face the screen of death again. Hopefully.

So, here is how easy it is to pre-order your custom iPhone 6 case from Zazzle, preferably my shop..but if you shop through and find some other designs you love, I promise not to hold it against you. After all, there are some super fantastically cute ones on there!  Ok, so to start… head to my Zazzle shop (I said you can shop through…but really, you should always start there! hehe)

kori clark zazzle shop 09

See the top two new products? Yep, a dotty doxie and a stripe doxie, both customizable! {Black and Tan Dachshund design coming soon}

kori clark zazzle shop iPhone6

Clicking on the one I want to come live on my new phone!

kori clark zazzle shop iPhone6 2

Here is the case, starting at $39.95!! I am adding the “tough extreme” to my order for extra phone protection. Once you choose which style (Barely There, Tough, or Tough Extreme) fits your needs, you can click that “customize it” button at the bottom of the main photo!

kori clark zazzle shop iPhone6 3

Here we go! Now I have selected tough extreme and clicked the “Customize it” button. See the yellow highlighted section that has my name on it, that’s where you can change the text to add your name, monogram, inspiration, logo, or more. Heck, you could even leave my name if you want…nothing like some added brand advertising!

kori clark zazzle shop iPhone6 4

Once you click to change the text, a text window will pop up so you can add anything you like. You can then go to the side bar of the order area and customize the text further if you wish with custom colors, fonts, or text sizes. Play around with it and see what you come up with!

kori clark zazzle shop iPhone6 6

There!! Now you have your totally awesome custom iPhone 6 case!

Now, for some added fun…. I would love to give away a $25 credit to Zazzle for you to shop! It’s super easy to enter!



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