Editable Printable Lotion Labels

Whipped Lotion Labels

It’s officially summer here!! The kids are home and the pace is slightly slower than it was only a short week ago!

I have been meaning to share some new freebies with y’all, and I am finally finding a few minutes to do so! Today I wanted to share a freebie I totally made for myself, but thought that you guys may like it too! Obviously I love to craft and DIY. Sometimes I make things just to see if I can! A few weeks ago, I decided I wanted to try my hand at making lotions for myself, friends, and family. There are a million great recipes for simple lotions on the WWW, so search around and see what you like (and what ingredients you may already have) I found a few with only 3 ingredients and that is my style! It seemed easy enough, and I have to tell you, it was!

1) 1/3 Cup Organic Coconut Oil

2) 1/2 Cup Organic Shea Butter

3) Your choice of oils for scent (about 15 drops)


**Yep, I jumped on the oil bandwagon a few months ago too. I honestly just got them because we have three dogs and two kids and I thought they would be a good way to keep the house smelling fresh and clean, plus I wanted to make my own carpet deodorizer after the store bought ones were making my nose and eyes sting (PS that is also so super easy). I have found lots of new ways to use them though, which is a lot of fun! If you are curious about them, feel free to drop me an email**

Anyhow… back to the point. You blend these three simple ingredients in a bowl, then change the mixer to your whisk attachment and whisk it. You will notice it starts to get that “fluffy” appearance! I made several batches of lotions with a variety of scents and stored them in the small 8 oz mason jars. Talk about cute little gifts! I added the ingredients to a bowl and used a mixer to mix them all up, then I spooned them into the jars, and sealed them up! The only thing missing was a cute label to identify the different kinds!

I love a good homemade anything and a DIY everything, but I still want my homemade and DIY projects to be cute and stylish.. so they need cute labels, obviously!

I developed these editable and printable labels that fit perfectly in little jar lids, or you can stick them to the front of a smooth jar. With these labels you can open the file in Adobe Acrobat and you can type in to the text boxes above and below where it says “WHIPPED LOTION”! You can name your lotions whatever you want – Kori’s Blend, Wake Up Peppermint, Soothing Lavender, Citrus Fresh…. anything! The WHIPPED LOTION text doesn’t change, but the top and bottom will. There are 12 circles on the sheet, each 2″ around. Each row of three can be different text, so you can print a sheet with up to four different labels on it. I store mine in the fridge until I am ready to use that jar. I printed mine on 2″ circles from Avery, but you can print on full label paper and use a 2″ punch to punch them out! So simple and so cute!


Whipped Lotion Labels 2

I was thinking of doing the some labels for sugar scrubs next, but I would love to hear what you would like to see! Comment below with what editable labels would be fun and helpful for you!

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  1. The page for the printables isn’t loading. I’m not sure why it took me to another page to dwnld either, it usually just dwnlds to my device when clicked on the link

  2. hello! wonderful read! thanks for sharing. wondering if you ever got around to making the sugar scrubs and if you also have a free editable printable label for those? thanks!!

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