Father’s Day Crafts for Cricut!

Father’s Day is at the end of the week and it’s time to get serious about what we are going to do for Dad and give Dad to let him know how important we think he is! I have a few things to share this week, but today I am starting with my projects I created for Cricut! 

I hand lettered some designs like the Mother’s Day projects I did, and did them customized from a daughter or son! Personally I have one of each and my two kids love giving their “own” cards and gifts. I know how pricey this can get and the dad’s in our lives are always conscious of what is being spent, so cards and gifts that we can download and make were the perfect solution.

To start it off, we did Father’s Day cards, both the girl and boy versions are 5″ x 5″ to fit a square envelope! My two kids helped my pick out what they should say…


Totally Amazing…


and Awesome… I can tell you that self esteem isn’t an issue around here yet… obviously.

They took these two cards and drew on the backs, wrote their names, and got them perfectly ready for this weekend! I can’t wait to see what Dad thinks!


Next up, is a “craft” from my little dude! My daughter is really the artsy one and loves to paint and draw, so she wanted to do her own thing, but my little man tends to like “crafts” that are a little less complicated, so this was perfect for us!

I designed a patch using the “like father like son” lettering and we used it to print on vinyl. I then helped my dude find the perfect jar to wrap it around and we searched for the odds and ends that wind up on the garage floor. There are always random little things around my husbands garage work bench that don’t really have a “home”, so we thought that this would be the perfect solution, a catch all jar! Find the Printable Cricut Patch HERE! 



I also thought that this would make a super cute pocket patch on a shirt! Just another twist!

I will be sharing some other Father’s Day Ideas this week, so stop back in!



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