Kids Summer Crafts

We are in full summer swing over here! I just finished telling my husband that I needed to find activities to keep the kids busy so they aren’t tearing apart the house… but without spending a ton of money. Is anyone else with me? Well, around here when we want to stay busy without spending a lot, we turn to crafts! Normally when I am in the throws of being “mom” I don’t get the creative juices flowing as much, so I do better with planned activities (or finding things ahead of time! Well, I came up with three kids crafts for Cricut while working and when my kids came in, they couldn’t wait to be a part of all of the fun!

I came up with some super fun and easy projects to keep the little hands and minds busy this summer and they are for sale on Cricut for less than a dollar a piece! I hope your little ones enjoy them as much as mine have!

First up, we did some gardening crafts! We like to grow our herbs and decided it would be fun to make our own garden markers! I created a “mason jar design” and we put these cuties together!



MasonJarMarkers1Full instructions and art download are on Cricut HERE! 

Next up, we created a backyard journal! This was so simple and we created it out of things already laying around the house! This cute little journal is so perfect for the kids to create and then take outside! They can draw pictures and write about the nature they find in our great outdoors! One of my favorite aspects of this design is that it’s a “coloring page” cover!





Full instructions and art download are on Cricut HERE! 

Finally, we created prinatable, sewable, stuffies! These were so cute when they came to “life”! I illustrated these sweet sea creatures and then we printed them on Cricut Printable Fabric, then let the kids stuff them and sew the edges! We loved these!




Full instructions and art download for Green Whale Stuffie are on Cricut HERE! 

Full instructions and art download for Blue Octopus Stuffie are on Cricut HERE! 

This is going to be a busy week including some Awesome free downloads coming soon and a BIG Birthday sale on Wednesday! YAY!! Happy Summer!


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