Kid’s Chore Chart

I have a little free printable I wanted to share today! The kid’s chore chart!! I kept the design simple so that it would be easy to use! My kids have always had little chores, but now at the ages of 5 and 7, I thought it was time to add in the concept of allowance. We have been doing it “roughly” for a while, by letting them do chores to earn specific items, but now I am ready to take it a step further. I want the kids to have an understanding that not all work pays the same, and that you must have good work ethic to make some spending money. I also love that this allows them the “free spending money” to really learn more about finances. We have all experienced what happens when you “blow your money” on something silly only to wish you had it back when something really good comes along. No matter how many times we lecture our kids about smart spending, needs vs. wants, and making informed purchases, sometimes the only way to really help them learn is to let them do it themselves. We have to allow them to know how it feels after you have spent all of your money and can’t buy anything else. We want them to understand that by not buying anything this week, they can buy something bigger next week, and to know that they worked hard to earn they money they are spending. Also, it is a huge help to me when we all pitch in around the house. (Did you hear me cheering???! That’s because my kids now fold their own laundry! YAY!) We sat down and discussed which chores we felt the kids could do and how much they should earn per chore. We allowed them to be a part of the discussion so they would see how bigger jobs pay more while smaller jobs pay less. Remember that some chores will be done more than once a week, so set a clear definition whether the $ is per chore, or per week! Then we formed our chart based on that and I made a fill in printable so you could do the same! chore chart printable   I have 2 daily chores already on the list and you will notice that neither has a “reward” next to it. That’s because those two are family responsibilities. Those are the chores we all do because we are part of this family. If the top two aren’t done, the bottom chores don’t get rewarded… what a mean mom, right? I don’t have it there to be mean, but instead because I think that it’s important for them to learn that not every single action is rewarded, some are simply things we do to be helpful members of our household. Those are our two, but feel free to change them or just scratch them out if they aren’t something you want on the list. chorechart2



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