Cricut iPhone App + Freebie!!



Y’all! I have been so excited to share this news and today is finally the day! Cricut has released the Design Space App for the iPhone!!!

I am so stinking excited! I was given a sneak peek and early access to it, and there are some ridiculously awesome features!  It will work seamlessly across your products, so if you make a change on your iPhone Design Space, it will change on the iPad app and on your desktop version of Design Space too! My favorite feature though… there is a camera built in! That means when you are looking at your design in Design Space, you can launch the camera as your “background” so you know how your design will actually look IN THAT PLACE! I used my polka dot flamingo and held it up to a white mug… so cute, just saying!


Now, when I am sitting at all of those after school activities that keep piling up around here, I can be setting up designs in Design Space and coordinating projects! I know one of the reasons I don’t craft as much as I would like is because once we get home, we are doing dinner, homework, bedtimes, work, etc. and I just don’t have time. This way I can set things up ahead of time when I am on the go! Perhaps I will finally get to do a little more crafting fun!


The app will work on the following :

iPhone 4/4S
iPhone 5/5S/5C
iPhone 6/6 Plus
iPad 2nd/3rd/4th generation
iPad Air/Air 2
iPad Mini/Mini 2/Mini 3

{Dearest Android users, you have not been forgotten, promise – they are currently working on an app for you – no date set yet but it is coming!}

Now for the FREE PART… well other than the app, which is free obviously… Cricut asked myself and 4 other designers to come up with a free Project to dress up your iPhone! Y’all, you need to go see all the cuteness that is for free right now!

Here is my FREE Cricut project – the polka dot flamingo!

It’s an SVG file, so I would love to see what you do with it! Make sure to hashtag #KoriClark if you post a photo so I can see it!





You may find these all over my house… I am kind of obsessed! After you download the Cricut App from the app store, go make this freebie and enjoy all the fun!!


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