Back To School Projects


It’s that time of year! Time to see all of those cuties in their “back to school” clothes, taking pictures, butterflies in the tummies, meeting teachers, making new friends, and getting ready to LEARN!

Along with the back to school fun, comes the school supplies (seriously…. why is it so hard to find a yellow plastic folder with brads? )! In an effort to make those supplies cute and functional, I worked with Cricut to design some back to school print and cut designs! I am so excited about the design, and I hope you love it too! I grabbed my handy art pen and I drew these sweet books, but knowing my kids who feel “more is better” I decided I would create books that were “pre-doodled”. I added line art in the books, and then watercolored them to create a fun design for any child (or adult, who am I kidding, I am totally using these!) I came up with 5 designs to help you get back to school in style!



First up, the Book pencil bag design! Simply add your monogram using the text tool and your favorite font, then print and cut! I printed on Cricut Iron On and ironed the design onto this cute $1 zipper pouch from Target! If you are using a pencil box, you can print on sticker paper and apply it to the top!




Second, You have to have the lunch box notes!! I try to stick a note in my kids lunches ever day and if I miss, I assure you that I hear about it when they get home! It’s my way of sending them a little smile in the middle of the day! You can simply print these on card stock (I used #110 white card stock), cut them with your Cricut and stash them in a drawer so they are ready to go!



Third are our “book belongs to” labels! These are great for swapping books with friends, a lending library, sending a favorite book to school or just a special book that your child wants to be sure doesn’t get lost! You can print these on sticker paper and stick them into the front or back cover of a book, or stick it right on the front like our drawing journal!




So, I totally may steal the fourth one from my girl! This is a Monogram Book Label (or Iron On) I love how this cute tote turned out! We actually made this for my daughter’s piano books from a striped tote ( $3 at Target) and Cricut Iron On paper! This design is another initial style design (like the pencil bag, but without saying pencils… obviously!). This would be perfect on a tote, a backpack, a lunch box, or pretty much anywhere else you would like a cute monogram!




The final design is a multi use Book Label design! It has stacks of books on both sides and a space in the middle to type your child’s name with the text tool in Cricut Design Space! I chose a brush font, but any font would look great! These can be printed on vinyl to wrap around a water bottle, on sticker paper to label notebooks or folders, or even on iron on paper to put on bags!

I hope everyone has a great time headed back to school this year!

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