Bundle Up and Host a Cookie Exchange!

Here is Florida it has been so ridiculously cold since the beginning of the year…. we are talking below 70, y’all! Okay, okay, I know that’s really not that cold, but a high in the 50s feels like a harsh winter to those of us who don’t even own gloves. Since I am a total homebody, this weather just convinces me even more that I want to stay warm and cozy either at my home, or visiting the home of a friend. I also want comfort food…. the feel good kind that makes the day better…you know, something with sugar!!

I worked with Cricut to create a new party set that just launched on the Cricut site, and it made all of my warm, snuggly, winter wishes come true. There is no reason why a cookie exchange has to be done before Christmas, besides we give those cookies away anyhow. How about a January or even February (hello, Valentine) cookie exchange? Bring your friends over and tell them to wear their warm comfy clothes. Serve Spiced Cider, Hot Chocolate, Coffee drinks, and have an array of cookies to share. I’ve already designed everything you need!

First, you need an invite (obviously). For a get together that makes you feel really good inside, you want to start with a happy invite in the mail (or given by hand if you see friends on a regular basis).



We designed the invites to be cut around the cookies on one side for added flair! Simply purchase the design file on CRICUT HERE, add your text in the Circuit Design Studio, print and cut! You can seal them into small cookie or takeout boxes with a cookie cutter to really make your guests smile!

Next, I designed Recipe Cards! I suggest making these and passing them out with the invites, so you can just enjoy the cookies and company during the exchange, but you can also have these on hand for people to copy recipes onto during the gathering.




I loved these little cards so much, I also want to create a cookie recipe box filled with all of our family favorites. Wouldn’t that make the cutest gift for newlyweds?  Head over to CRICUT HERE to see more!

And how can you wrap up those to-go cookie boxes and favor bags? With the sweetest cookie tags, obviously!! I also love the idea of tying these tags to jars or little milk jars for more style!




I cut these files out of both Kraft Paper and White Card stock and used them both depending on the background! Visit CRICUT HERE to purchase the sweet tags!

Once your guests arrive, you need a place that they can set some of their cookies to sample, and therefore, you will need to label the cookies! You can make these labels blank for guests to fill out when they arrive, or you can ask for the types of cookies guests will bring and type the names onto the tent cards in Design Space before you make them!



Also, go ahead and make doubles so you can set one in front of the cookies to be taken home as well… that way people know the yummy cookies that are putting in there to-go boxes! The tent cards are available on CRICUT HERE.

Finally, a party favorite around here…. the banner! What fun to greet guests of all ages with a banner when they come in! All you need is string, white card stock, a printer, and your Cricut! Ta-DA! I like to hang banners in my kitchen as that is where parties always end up in my house. This fun cookie banner is the perfect size to hang in front of our vent hood. I would also LOVE to make a tiny one for a cake topper? Wouldn’t that be the cutest??




HERE ON CRICUT  is the banner!

When it comes down to it, this cold weather can be the perfect excuse to stay in with friends, laugh, and enjoy the simple things in life. The fancy parties of the holidays are behind us, and now it’s time to snuggle up in a room with our besties! Lets get to planning, y’all!



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