Learning to Let Go

There was a time when I insisted I could do it all. No matter what, I was the “yes” girl who took all the work that came my way. I tried to be the home maker, the perfect mom, the entrepreneur, the volunteer, and anything else anyone needed from me… but this past year there has been a shift in my perspective. You see, I think I did okay at most of these things… at least some of the time…but I was never living up to my own expectations in any area. I was stressed and annoyed that I didn’t have more hours in the day to do all the things. I was flustered and felt rushed all of the time. I wasn’t the mom, wife, or friend I hoped to be… and after living through a series of horrible family illnesses this past year, my perspective shifted and I realized that it was up to me to change the rat race, and let some things go. You see, it’s easy to get overly busy in life… to commit to way too many things. Sometimes it’s because we want to help someone and sometimes it’s because you feel like you should do something because you can… but at the end of the day, the people who are hurt and let down are usually those closest to you. The ones that you snap at when stressed out, the ones you repeatedly put on hold to answer “on more email” or do “one more thing”.  The only way to break this is to let go… a lot. You have to get down to the very root of your business (or your main priority) and keep your focus tightly on it. You have to be okay with letting go of projects so that you have time to be there for the people you love. You have to let go of the things that keep you busy without moving you at a forward pace. This little design business of mine is really quite simple… I am a freelance illustrator and designer for boutique business and creative brands. I love freelance and the connection and exchange of ideas. I adore working with small businesses to create just the perfect graphic or illustration for a project. I love knowing that I can turn someones creative idea into reality… and I also still love doing portraits (like these). What I never really loved was the manufacturing of products for the KCD shop. I really didn’t want to spend any time comparing pricing for manufacturing, packaging, packing and shipping, line sheets, etc. I loved creating the pup mugs and had ideas for other designs I wanted to create, but I always seemed to be spending the time trying to find good pricing, good printing, fast service, and more…. So I decided it was time to let go. I let go of the online shop that was through my site. I let go of all of those things that went with it too, so that I could focus more intently on my freelance clients. I can give them more time and attention vs. scheduling a shipment of products! I decided that there was a better way, and I think I found it. Finally. Watercolor Stripes Pillow from Kori Clark Design

Watercolor Stripes Pillow 

I let go of the shop on my site, and opened a Society 6 Shop!! Now, I can spend time on my clients and if (or when) I want, I can add designs to the society 6 shop and you can still shop my pup mugs, cards, and now a LOT more! I am also thrilled because their travel mugs are bigger than mine were. So far I only have a handful of pups added in, but more are coming! Our time is so valuable friends, and spending it being busy just for the sake of busy is silly! Know your thing, and go for it… then find a way to let the other things GO!!! image Visit me over on my new Society 6 shop and please show it some love! I am happy to finally have a place I can add new products with my artwork easily and quickly! Floral Jellyfish from Kori Clark Design Now, what are you letting go of this week?

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