More Cricut Cards !

No way could I stop with designing 3 cards for Cricut (Check them out here if you missed it!) so I had to do three more! One is fun and two are more serious.

First up, another pineapple moving card, because it’s spring and these pinks and greens are so festive that I couldn’t stop my paintbrush after the first pineapple!

Pineapple New Home 1

Pineapple New Home 2


Full instructions are available over at Cricut HERE!! There are so many ways to welcome someone to their new home, but my favorite way is with a card and a small gift of either a plant (wouldn’t a pineapple plant be cute) or food… and who are we kidding, any card that’s given with Girl Scout cookies is going to be a winner!

Next up, I designed two sympathy cards… the cards that I wish I didn’t have to design. The ones I wish no one needed because all of our loved ones would stay close forever, but unfortunately, that’s not the reality. Our loved ones move on before us and we are left to comfort each other, and that’s the place that these card designs come from. The place of love and comfort in the midst of sadness.

Strength in Love Sympathy 4

Strength in Love Sympathy 5


This watercolor card focused on strength through love is one that I think is a wish we often have for people in times of trouble. I assembled it on a folded watercolor background, and you can find the design and instructions on Cricut HERE.

The second design is a soft watercolor floral design to offer some peace and comfort about those we love.

Those We Love Sympathy 3


Those We Love Sympathy 2


See more details on Cricut HERE for this Card.

I also had a few other ideas that I think would be beautiful with the card. You can print the card on printable vinyl or sticker paper and apply it to the top of a beautiful box of chocolates. You can print on sticker paper, add the card to a lovely pattern paper, and create an inspirational piece of art to hang, or you can give the card with an art print. You can give the card with an adult coloring book or adult coloring pages to help with relaxation, or pair your card with the gift of florals.

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