3D Ocean Art

It’s a 3 day weekend y’all, and I don’t know about you…. but around here that usually means one day to get house stuff done, one day to do errands and random things, and one day to relax with friends and family and pay gratitude to those who sacrificed for our country! So, I have the perfect project for that day of “house stuff”… 3D Ocean Art that you can frame and hang and will look amazing!

It’s so simple to create beautiful coastal artwork in a few simple steps using your Cricut and Watercolor paper! Keep a clean look with white on white layers of paper, use various colored card stock for contrast, or use watercolor paper like I did in the examples and then watercolor each layer with various shades of the same color, or various colors!

BigCoral3DArt1 BigCoral3DArt2   Head here to create the big coral using your Cricut in a few simple steps!!   Jellyfish3DArt1 Jellyfish3DArt4   I can’t lie, the jellies are my favorite… Head HERE to create them!   SmallCoral3DArt4   SmallCoral3DArt1   This small coral and seaweed is so sweet and beautifully understated! Go HERE to create this design! 


Happy Weekend Friends! xoxo Kori

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