A Nap is Calling {and other new projects}


I am so stinking excited to share these new Cricut projects with you all! These were so fun to design and create, and brought a smile to my face every time I looked at them! They are available individually if you need a specific design or you can buy the whole set to make lots of fun projects!

By now, I am guessing that we are all familiar with “The mountains are calling and I must go.” quote by John Muir. Every time I saw a shirt, hat, or something else with the quote, I thought…. I need one that says Palm Trees!! Being a Floridian, I realized how much I am drawn to palms and the beach when we went to Alaska last summer. Alaska was beyond stunning in every single way, but when we returned home, I felt called by the Palm Trees and reminded that this was where we belong. Once I started thinking about it and discussing it with my friends at Cricut, we realized that many of us are “called” by a lot of things… like a nap, or a donut, or a library, or the gym… the list went on and on and eventually we had to just pick our favorite 10 to design!

Introducing my newest set for the Cricut Library… 

There are 10 designs that you can purchase individually for $1.99 each, or you can purchase the whole set for $9.99 HERE!

The set includes :

A Donut is Calling and I must Eat

A Nap is Calling and I Must Go

The Beach is Calling and I Must Go

The Chapel is Calling and I Must Go

The Craft Room is Calling and I Must Go

The Desert is Calling and I Must Go

The Gym is Calling and I Must Go

The Library is Calling and I Must Go

The Mountains are Calling and I Must Go

and The Palm Trees are Calling and I Must Go!


Now to peek at some of the single designs. First, we have “The Beach is Calling” rustic wooden sign HERE.

BeachIsCalling1DS BeachIsCalling4DS

You can use this design for so much more than a sign / picture (Hello, tee shirt!) but this was the perfect addition to my daughter’s beach bedroom! We purchased the adorable palette style sign in the craft section on Wal Mart and used white vinyl to layer onto it!

Next up, I created a mock chalkboard sign for the kitchen that uses the design A Donut Is Calling . I mean is there anyone who a donut isn’t calling? I used vinyl on the top half of the little sign and we use the bottom half to write our dinner for that night! It’s an easy way to approach the 101 times a day that I get asked “What’s for Dinner?” =)





After that sugar high, I am always being summoned for a little siesta, so I made the perfect shirt for that occasion…. “A Nap Is Calling”!  Iron On vinyl and a Hot pink shirt was all it took!




Next up was one for my friends who love that mountain escape, the original saying that started this set, “The Mountains Are Calling”! I wanted to do something different than the tee shirts I have seen (though you can totally make a shirt with this and iron on vinyl), so I made a necklace! It was super simple, I used a 1″ round locket and chain, then I changed the design to print instead of cut, and merged it with a circle that was cut around it. It turned it into a print and cut design and I did it on white card stock!




The last of the five designs I made and photographed is the one that started this whole set… my original idea of what I wanted… the thing that calls me often to come home, no matter how far I travel…. The Palm Trees. “The Palm Trees are Calling” is maybe my personal favorite… maybe.




I hope you all listen to what’s calling and always go your own way! Happy Wednesday, Friends! Make it a beautiful one!



4 thoughts on “A Nap is Calling {and other new projects}”

  1. These designs are awesome and I keep seeing this font show up on things. I’ve searched all through my cricut fonts and can not figure out which one this is. I would love to know! Can you tell me the font? Thanks in advance!

      1. Hello,
        These are great! So excited to be able to make this for my mom. I’d like to add her name, but I’m having a difficult time identifying the font. Help?!!

        Thanks !

  2. We are going to Couples Resort in September. Love your “The Palm Trees are calling…” project in the Cricut shop. Want to purchase, but I would like to change a couple of things to customize for our trip. Want to use a twisted palm tree that I found & add the word twisted to make it say the twisted palm trees are calling. Can your projects be ungrouped or unattached in Cricut? Would you be willing to share the fonts you used? I love your designs!

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