Father’s Day Ideas

It’s JUNE!! That means Father’s Day is upon us! Over here, we are absolutely smitten with our guy and love to show him how much we appreciate him on Father’s Day. (Yes, we try to show him every day, but sometimes kids are cranky and we are all tired and we may not get to spoil him as much as we like… so we try to make up for those crabby days on Father’s Day!)

My friends at Zazzle emailed me to share some of the things they have available for father’s day gifts and I quickly found a few things that I knew would be a big hit for us! I ordered the etched glasses and the custom water bottle (uploading one of my husbands favorite photos) and anxiously awaited the order to see how they would turn out. I was so surprised at a) how quickly they arrived since they were both custom, and b) how stinking cute they were. Take a peek at the finds I grabbed!

Etched Glassware :

Okay, y’all, I admit that I am a sucker for packaging, but I had no idea how these glasses would be packaged, so when they arrived I was so pleasantly surprised. I mean come on… with quotes on the box like –  “The water was not fit to drink. To make it palatable, we had to add whiskey. By diligent effort, I learned to like it.” – Churchill  – how could you not love the packaging?? Moving on to the contents. These glasses are sure to take over our current Old Fashioned Glasses as a favorite in the Bar. They are sturdy and beautifully engraved, not to mention how great it is to have a set of 4 matching ones again. (Our current set has had a few accidents over the years and has reduced drastically in number…. oops!) . The glass is thicker that the previous set we had, which I prefer. I can’t speak for all of the husbands and dads out there, but I tend to think that any gift you can put whiskey in is a pretty good gift!




Custom Water Bottle :

The next item I ordered was to balance out the glasses for whiskey… a water bottle! This bottle was perfect for the gym or taking outside while he teaches a little one to ride a bike. I knew that Sigg was a good brand and well made, but I didn’t know I could customize one with a photo on Zazzle! The bottle is lightweight, BPA Free, and big enough to keep hydrated (1 L) . I used a photo from our family photo session by Courtney Vickers of our kids being perfectly goofy and it turned out so nice. I was a little concerned that putting the photo on the smoked pearl finish would make the colors really funky, but it just gave a metallic shimmer to the picture!



 If you are ready to go hunt down the best father’s day gifts on Zazzle, be sure to use this coupon code for up to 60% Off Father’s Day Gifts – Use code: GIFTSFORDADZ Coupon starts today,  6/04/2016 and expires 06/09/2016 11:59 PM PST! 

I have partnered with Zazzle to bring you this post.  Zazzle has supplied me with some products, payment, or credit in return for promoting some gift ideas, but the content and opinions on this  post and on the blog are completely mine. I only share products I truly believe will be beneficial to those who read this blog… cause I love y’all! <3

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