Step by Step Watercolor Florals

StepByStep Watercolor Floral

Good Morning Friends!

I decided to post a few DIY posts for watercolors and I am starting with simple florals! Later this week, I have a fun post coming up that will show how to make a fantastic gift, once you are able to make a few of these little cuties!

I choose 4 types of flowers to share today, and there is a video at the bottom of this post of me painting samples for you to see! The biggest hurdle here is for you to just get started! Use any paint that you have to practice and when you are ready to graduate, invest in a couple of good brushes and a few good paints! I use Windsor & Newton watercolor tubes and for small details, I use brushes sized 0, 00, 1, 2, and/or 4.

Step By Step Watercolor Floral Brushes

Now for the fun part…. Simple, follow the photo examples and go from left to right! See the video below  to watch how each flower is painted. The idea is to make them small and simple!

Step By Step Watercolor Florals here to here

Watercolor Florals

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