Decorating to keep you inspired!


Inspiration y’all… It comes from anywhere… and everywhere! Somehow it seems like the most simplistic thing, that can also feel very elusive from time to time. As a creative who makes a living by being so, I often feel that it’s part of my job to stay inspired and yet it’s not always easy. In the midst of taxes, I feel anything BUT creatively inspired!! So, today I am going to share one little tip that seems to get juices flowing when I am “drawing” on empty (sorry for the bad pun, y’all, I can’t help myself!)

Decorating… yup… like the house. I know, I know… Kori, I am in the middle of a project for Brand XYZ and you want me to stop and redecorate my house? Go shopping?? Ain’t nobody got time for that! Okay, I hear ya and I know what you are saying, but give me a second here… I am not saying to clean out all of your junk drawers (though that can be more invigorating than a cup of coffee) or redo your whole family room. I am saying this – Step Away from the paper, the computer, your desk, your office, your phone, all of it. Walk into an area of your house that you may be less than in love with… it can be as small as a shelf or niche, or as big as the furniture layout in a room. Let go of everything that is distracting you and focus on how you would like to improve this space… what colors are you wanting to add? What colors are you over? Is there a pattern that you love here and would like to play off of it’s strengths? Put your hands on things and move them around to see how subtle changes can make an impact. Now go shopping in other areas of your home for this space. Maybe a lamp from another room, or a vase? This isn’t an exercise that should take all day, not even an hour, just set aside about 15 minutes. Maybe you can pretty up a space, or maybe you can envision what you would like to do with that space when time and money allow you to decorate it.

Sometimes a simple shift in creative focus and getting up and moving is all it takes to get those juices flowing. We can get so caught up in what inspiration we may be lacking in the moment, that the lack of inspiration and ideas BECOMES our focus, which is a downward spiral. Get out. Go blow some creative steam in another way, like decorating (or baking, or photography, etc). You wouldn’t believe how many times I have gotten up and started moving pillows on the couch only to be struck with a fantastic idea! Next time you feel uninspired, fluff a cushion and move some home decor items around your house and see what starts to flow!

Happy Day, Y’all!! xo


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