Another Favorite Thanksgiving Post

It’s time for another Favorite Thanksgiving Post from years past! I created printable DIY place cards for DIY Network a few times and I still love and use them! These cards and their special shape took a bit more time, but they were so worth it! Also, a few of you out there may want to extend that Olive Brach design on your table to keep the peace this thanksgiving!  =) This post is copied from the original post in 2013… Enjoy! 

Last year, I had the pleasure to work on Printable / Editable Thanksgiving Place Cards for DIY Network! I had a lot of fun with the designs that you can see here, but this year I realized they were all the traditional fold over place card style. While I love and adore it, I thought it may be fun to also have Printable / Editable place cards that were a little more unique in shape! Lucky for me, the editor at DIY Network agreed and I brought my ideas to life. They have been added to the set from last year HERE on, so you can go through and choose your favorite for your holiday table!!



This first design is a banner shape that’s tan in color (I know it looks whiter in the photo…it’s much prettier in real life!). Although you can get creative with how you display these banners after you add the name, print, and cut them out…I chose to simply lay it over a 6″ wreath. I used the little twig wreaths from the craft store, and wove fresh rosemary and thyme all around it. This table smells just as beautiful as it looks!



I had a lot of fun with these mini banners…aside from how cute they are in all of their little tiny-ness, they can be used so many ways! Perhaps you can tie the sides to two lollipop sticks coming out of a mini apple pie, or hang the banner around little pumpkins or little pinecones!


The wrap around flag is a definite staple for it’s easy to use design! Whether wrapped around a cute straw in the water glass, a lollipop stick, or a caramel apple like we have here…these are simple to make, simple to use, and super versatile!


I got a chuckle out of the DIY Network description on this Olive Branch Design – “If last Thanksgiving turned into a family feud, perhaps an offering of peace in the form of an olive brancn place card might be just the thing to mend the fences. Well, at least it’s a start, and it looks pretty.” Even if your family get togethers are peaceful and loving to begin with…it’s a great reminder of the feelings of the season!!


Finally, I wanted to share this simple centerpiece that I used designing some of my tables for this project…talk about simple! These pears and white pumpkins just look amazing together!

Happy Thanksgiving Week Friends!! 

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