December Wallpapers – Finally!

Y’all… I have the December Wallpapers – Finally! I know it’s already the 7th of December, but there was a school parade float to build and a nativity to take the kids too and a cold to top it off… but that’s life isn’t it? Just today I was whining to my mom (because I guess I am still 9 years old) about how I couldn’t do “all the things”, then life put two mom friends in front of me. Mom friends who have challenges much bigger than mine and schedules much more hectic and they were both smiling and helpful. Don’t you love a perspective shift… or maybe a perspective slap in the face? I do! So tonight, I tucked in the kiddos and I promised myself I would get these on the blog without another day passing! Truth is, we all have 24 hours a day. What you do with it is where your priorities are, and I want you all to know that you are a priority in my world. Im grateful for your support, friendship, and encouragement and the least I can do is post these December Wallpapers – Finally! =)

Lets get to it!

First up, one of my favs! I painted this deer last year but he never made it to a wallpaper and he is too cute not to be one, so VOILA!


Click here to download the design! 


Or how about all of those wonderful smelling pine clippings? I love them!


Click here for this design! 



Or here are a few more to choose from! (Or heck, just download them all, okay?)


Click here to download the gingerbread house! 


Click here for Heaven and Nature! 


Or don’t forget my favorites from years past! 


Holly Pattern, download here! 



Merry Everything , Download HERE! 



Happy December Friends! xoxo


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