Holiday Gifts for the Pups

Holiday Gifts for the Pups, sponsored by Zazzle (but the pups and opinions are mine all mine!)

zazzlepetgifts1…because we can’t forget Holiday Gifts for the Pups! Can you even believe it’s only 2 sleeps until Christmas? I feel like this month, scratch that, YEAR has just zoomed by while I blinked! There have been ups and downs, ins and outs, lessons learned, love given, praise given, and the joy of family. Which is exactly why I couldn’t forget some of our favorite family members this holiday season – Our three pups, Pippen, Merry, and Took! We went to Zazzle to find them some holiday cheer and I think we did a pretty great job (plus we added treats for the big win!)

My husband’s father is British and my husband spent some of his childhood growing up in the UK where he went to school. He has a love for that part of his heritage and childhood, so when I came across the Union Jack pet bed, I knew that our little hobbits had to have it! (and yes… our pups are named after hobbits…after all they are short with hairy toes, so it’s only fitting!) I ordered the small pet bed as we had 2 other small beds already. I figured now they could each have their own, but they still love to share.





Next, I ordered them some fuzzy blankets to snuggle in! I love fuzzy blankets and I know our pups do too!


I came across these cuties with dachshunds on them and I couldn’t resist! 3 fluffy blankets later, they are all ready to settle in for a long winter’s nap!

Merry Christmas Eve, Eve friends! I hope you and your fur babies and families have the most wonderful Christmas yet!



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