365 Watercolor Challenge

The first week of the new year is over and I completed week one of 365 paintings! I am so thrilled with this practice and I think it will help me grow a lot in my art as well. I would love to have you join me if you can…. start where you are and don’t worry about going back.

A few things I have figured out to make this successful….

  1. some days I may do two and some days none… this is realistic, but as long as I finish 7 each week I am still on goal!
  2. The idea is to complete each painting… not perfect it. This is a case where “done is better than perfect” will be used a lot.
  3. work ahead when life is slower… that way when the world gets crazy you don’t feel like you are missing your goals!
  4. set aside time to practice any skill that you enjoy… as my 10 year old says “Practice may not make you perfect, but it will make you proficient!”
  5. use scrap watercolor paper
  6. work on collections, i.e. do a different type of flower ever day for a week
  7. don’t get caught up in trying to come up with ideas of what to paint, just paint anything that comes to mind… donut, tree, squirrel… anything!

Now here are my first seven paintings of 2018! Enjoy! <3

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