4 Ways to an Easier 2018


In keeping transparent, this is a kind of milestone year for me. This summer I turn 40!! I am actually totally okay with turning 40, and entering this new decade of my life. I remember turning 30 and feeling excited about it… to me, turning 30 meant that I was entering a time when I knew who I was, what I loved, and life had more of a direction. My thirties were about family… some days just trying to survive. At that point in life I had one baby and would have another at 31. My focus was clear – feed my people, teach the little ones to say please and thank you, change diapers, and work as often as I could. Now as I look ahead to what the next 10 years holds, I can say that I am feeling excited about this chapter too. My kids are at amazing ages right now… old enough to be able to do many things for themselves and help around the house, yet young enough that they still love spending time with us. While I hope that doesn’t change, I know that as they get older they will want more independence and time with friends. At the end of my forties, my kids will be 18 and 20 years old…. so the clock is ticking!

In my forties, I don’t want to waste time on foolish things. I know that a clean and tidy home makes my heart flutter and I have learned with experience how to make that happen in the midst of a chaotic life. I don’t want to be bothered with drama. I want my moments to be intentional. I want to make memories with my kids and build upon their character as we transition them from kids to teens. Last but not least I want us to be healthy (body and mind) and while I know that you can’t prevent health problems from happening I do want to make healthy choices with what is in my control.

Even though my birthday isn’t until July, I LOVE a new year, so today I am sharing my 4 ways to create an easier year. They are small and simple things that have had a big impact in my life and hopefully some of it will resonate with you as well!

  • {ONE} Do NOT look at your devices in the morning until you are ready for the day. (with the exception of checking weather or traffic)

This is one that hit my like a brick a few months ago. My kids take a little time getting moving in the morning and so do I, so we wake up a few minutes earlier than we need to snuggle on the couch with a cup of coffee, milk, and a cartoon before starting our day. The rule for them is that they can’t look at their electronics, games, etc until they are totally ready for school, bags packed, shoes on. Now I know some of you don’t allow electronics in the morning at all, but with my kids being at a tech free school I know they only have a few minutes of screen time and won’t have much the rest of the day (plus it motivates them to get ready quicker). Here is the funny thing though…. I DID LOOK AT MINE!! I would check IG while making school lunches, FB while they ate breakfast, and the news while I got myself dressed. This pretty much means all of those things took longer than they should. I burned more toast and oatmeal than I am proud to admit and instead of engaging with my kids in the morning I was engaging with the rest of the world. When I stopped checking my phone in the morning until I was fully dressed and ready, our stress level went down, I felt much more focused, and we have spare time every morning instead of running out of the door…. I always yelled at them for not being ready to go, but it was me who was feeling panicked and anxious because time ran out every day. Even though I never thought I was spending more than a few seconds looking on my phone, the proof is in the pudding, friends. Just give this ONE WEEK and tell me that you don’t notice an immediate difference.

  • {TWO} This goes with #1, but set aside time for social media instead of glancing at it all day.

I have long known that setting designated times to check email reduces stress and is a great time management tool vs checking email every few minutes and trying to react to any new messages that come in, so it only makes sense that social media could work the same way. I love IG and Pinterest and I am on FB because of family and friends. So, obviously FB is my lowest priority on social media… so I only check it once a day (if that) after the kids go to bed and work is done and only if it’s not movie night with the hubby! IG I check more often… I can say it’s for business but really I just love pretty pictures. I do check IG in the morning after everything is done and if I don’t have time before school drop off, I will check it after I settle into my desk for work and post then if possible. I check it again usually while I wait for the kids after school, and once more when they go to bed. That’s three times a day I give myself to get on, scroll for a minute, post, comment, and reply, then hop back off. Best time saver ever!!! Pinterest is only if I have spare time at night.

  • {THREE} ย Laundry. Every. Day.

Y’all, I can’t tell you how many people think I am crazy or how often I have heard “we wouldn’t have that much laundry!” and for some I know it’s true… so maybe for you it’s laundry every other day… but for me it’s every day and let me explain why. I HATE folding laundry. I don’t mind washing dishes and like to vacuum, but if I could never fold laundry again I would be so happy. However that’s not realistic, but what I can do is create a world where I only have a few things to fold every day and I never have more than one load to wash or put away. Basically it’s always done. Every morning I gather all of our clothes from the day before, pajamas, and add in the random items we can all wash together and hit start. After school drop off I can toss them in the dryer (or you can do this before you leave for work if you start the load early enough.) When the kids get home from school I will fluff the clothes in the dryer if needed and they are responsible for folding and putting away their own laundry. On the days that there aren’t enough clothes for a load I toss in sheets or towels. I make kids fold towels too, because I am mean.

  • {FOUR} Plan Meals for the week and shop once.ย 

This saves both time and money. I promise! It did take a few months, but I have gotten in a good routine. I usually find quiet time on a weekend morning to sip coffee and look at recipes to plan out our dinners for the week ahead. I take into consideration which days I may be at Piano or Soccer and make things in the crock or quick prep meals. I make my list of things I will need to get and add in the basics like lunch foods, coffee, and wine (obviously). The longer I do this, the better it gets. We don’t have a lot of food going bad in the fridge anymore, our pantry isn’t stuffed with food we don’t eat, and even our spice collection is now purged on a more regular basis. YAY!

I also have a number 5. However, it’s still a goal for 2018 and isn’t tried and true yet…. but I am planning 4 capsule wardrobes for this year and I will report back on how this impacts my 2018 as soon as I get rolling!

Happy Friday y’all!




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  1. Hi Kori! I laid out goals for 2018 in my blogpost ‘hey 2018’ – one is to put my phone down & another to better plan meals! Thanks so much for your suggestions! I can’t wait to implement them! Thanks momma! ๐Ÿ’™

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